Ayurveda is an ancient and precise science that stresses on the harmony among the body, mind and soul that is rapidly finding acceptance across the globe. Skincare is of key importance in Ayurveda and a good skincare regime starts with cleansing your body. With pollution causing harm to your skin every day, it becomes more than necessary to spend some time in taking care of the same. Without the right effort, your skin can get damaged and age before time. Cleansing is basically the removal of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, pollution and any other foreign particles from the skin’s surface. Kama Ayurveda’s all-natural body cleansers are made of pure, organic ingredients that will keep your skin safe and happy. Prepared from completely natural ingredients like Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Orange, these chemical free body cleansers can nourish and freshen up your skin without harming it.

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