Ayurveda in the Summer

In summer, PITTA dosha plays the central role. Pitta is often confused with Fire, but Pitta is a combination of Fire and Water. Although both heat and Pitta increase in the summer, the digestive fire goes down. Because of the high temperature, skin pores open up and evaporate a large part of the heat of the digestive fire. Therefore people in the summer, especially on the hottest days, possess no appetite for heavy meals and a salad often proves to be sufficient.

During summer it becomes necessary to provide cooling to the body in the form of cooling foods and activities, otherwise Pitta can lead to overheating. When Pitta is too high, it can lead to irritation and aggression. This explains the worked up behaviour in traffic on hot summer days!

Pitta is connected to the skin, so the summer months, are not the best months for people with skin problems. Even conditions such as migraine and inflammatory disorders are more common in summer. Fortunately, you can prevent these symptoms if you make sure Pitta remains in balance during the summer months. The best thing is when you already start Pitta reducing remedies at the end of spring!.

The following advice can help you keep cool and collected during summer!

Ayurvedic tips for Summer

  • For daily oil massage, use cooling oils like Jwalini from Kama Ayurveda
  • Take cool showers and baths.
  • don’t strain yourself physically. Best Yoga Exercise in summer is Shavasana (the corpse pose)! Twists help to dissipate an excess of Pitta. Do cooling, soothing Pranayama such as Brahmari and Shitalee. The most important thing is not to go over your limit, relaxation is the most important!
  • Eat light, cooling foods, such as salads and vegetable dishes. To avoid an increase in Vata add some oil to raw vegetables.
  • Avoid too much salt, sharp, sour taste in your diet, these provide an increase Pitta.
  • Be very moderate with alcohol in summer: alcohol provides extra heating!
  • Drink beverages at room temperature (avoid very cold drinks or too much ice). Mint tea and coconut water are cooling, Pitta-lowering drinks and very suitable for the summer! You can also add some rose water to water.
  • Take a nap around noon on hot days, in a place that is cool and has a nice and sweet fragrance
  • Visit forests and swim in lakes (very good for Pitta!)
  • If possible, take a walk in the moonlight!


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