Nourishing Ayurvedic Hair Conditioner: KAMA Ayurveda’s Cypress Orange Hair Conditioner.

If you would like an Ayurvedic hair conditioner, come to PureNatural. PureNatural specializes in pure and elegant body care products. We offer KAMA Ayurveda Cypress Orange Hair Conditioner, a wonderful moisturizer formulated according to ancient Ayurvedic prescriptions. Our Ayurvedic hair conditioner is made from Indian gooseberry, almond and soya blended with pure almond oil. This combination of herbs and natural oils creates a wonderful Ayurvedic hair conditioner that revitalizes and strengthens damaged hair. We also recommend you try the Lavender Patchouli Hair Conditioner from KAMA Ayurveda.

Be the change
Inspired by the words of Gandhi 'Be the change you want to see in the world', PureNatural only selects products like KAMA Ayurveda ‘s Ayurvedic hair conditioner, produced in a socially responsible manner by using natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, whilst striking a balance with being desirable, elegant and effective. We also recommend our Lavender Patchouli Ayurvedic Hair Conditioner.

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Ordering your products is simple and easy in our online stores for consumers and professionals. Alternatively, try our Ayurvedic hair conditioner at one of our outlet stores. Find your nearest store here.

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  2. Cypress Orange Hair Conditioner Limited Edition
    Cypress Orange Hair Conditioner / 200 ml
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